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The Importance of Personalising your User Experience (UX)

Businesses stand out for the experiences they create. Within our changing world the evolution of the user experience (UX) is as important as it has ever been. Industries and companies, of all sizes, have successfully transitioned into offering online experiences for their prospects.

An online UX is considerably more than a website. It is a digital impression of your business and often that vital first engagement. It is an opportunity to leverage technology to connect with your prospects, share your brand values, grow your business, and create a ‘wow’ factor first impression.

Customers not only want a seamless UX but also expect brands to provide them with a unique and personalised experience throughout the journey. For example, research by Epsilon found that 80% of consumers will make a purchase from a brand that offers personalised experiences. Delivering personalised customer service has become essential to staying competitive in the market. In addition, Salesforce found that adopting a personalised customer engagement strategy has helped 97% of marketers report a quantifiable boost to business outcomes.

In short, a personalised UX is key. One approach to delivering a personalised online UX is through fully managed live chat. Live chat is the most effective and fastest way to connect with prospects online, whilst they are in ‘buying mode’. Importantly, it helps website visitors find the information they need and the answers to their questions. At the same time initiating customer engagement and starting the next stage in the sales journey.

Making each one of your prospects feel connected and valued, is essential in creating a positive UX. This is particularly crucial in the care home industry. Choosing the right care home for a loved one can be an emotional experience. Providing live chat on your website can enable you to offer this personalised, positive, and connected experience.

However, it is crucial to note that customers want to talk to real people. A 2019 survey by CGS found that 86% of consumers prefer to interact with a human chat agent rather than an AI-based system such as a chatbot. 71% of participants also said that they would be less likely to use a company if they did not have human customer service representatives available.

So how exactly can fully managed chat provide a personalised UX for your customers?

Firstly, chat offers an instant and informal way to communicate.

Advisers can adjust their responses to suit their individual communication style – creating a much more personal connection with prospects. For example, using chat ensures you have an opportunity to personalise the conversation and tailor your responses. Additionally, during the conversation, you can refer to the visitor by their name and answer their questions directly.

Chat conversations are instantly documented and easily accessed. 

With C4B’s fully managed chat, chat transcripts are emailed to both the visitor and your team at the end of every chat. The context is always clear, and the agent does not need to notate anything as all the information is included in the chat transcript. This will ensure the chat enquiry is correctly followed up and all sales opportunities are maximized.

Advisers can also include their name and a real profile picture.

A personal UX is not possible without disclosing any personal information. C4B will introduce you at the start of the chat and display your profile picture. Allowing you to build a much more personal connection with your prospects/website visitor. Thus, building rapport and trust with your prospect.

Data insights can help you structure your sales and marketing activity to better suit the needs of your customers.

With C4B’s chat reporting you will gain insights into which marketing campaigns are working, as well as what is not working and may require change. These insights can help you structure your sales and marketing activity to both personalise and better suit the needs of your customers. Our reporting console offers you a complete overview of all your chats, team statistics, and details of your leads. You can measure your number of daily chats, enquiry type and our response times with our advanced reporting.

At C4B we understand that a personalised human connection is the key to a great customer UX. We provide an outstanding, high quality, and personal service that is designed to be empathetic and deliver an exceptional UX.

Looking to implement chat onto your website but not sure where to start? Launch a chat now to speak with a member of our team or contact us here.

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Why Qualify? The Importance of Qualifying Sales Leads in Real Time

The Importance of Qualifying Sales Leads in Real Time whilst the Prospect is in ‘Buying Mode.’

Firstly, what is lead qualification?

Lead qualification is a systematic process of assessing potential customers by their ability, readiness, and willingness to buy your product or service.

Lead qualification is a process of marketing and sales teams working together to forecast the probability that a prospect will ultimately make a purchase (convert into a sale). It occurs at every stage of the sales journey and ultimately decides if the prospect will be funnelled down the sales pipeline.

Figuring out how to identify the right opportunities is a crucial step to streamlining your engagement process.

However, your lead generation figures may be high but are they high quality leads? The sooner you decide whether you and a new lead are a good fit the less time and money you will waste.

Qualifying sales leads in real time

The real value of  lead qualification goes beyond optimising your sales process. It is also crucial to reach out to leads at the right time. Being able to qualify leads in real time, right at the beginning of the sales funnel, is the most efficient form of lead qualification. The ideal time to do this is when potential leads/customers are on your website.

Lead generation can be challenging. You need to figure out which individuals are likely to be interested in your services. Visitors on your website have expressed an interest in your company, so they are much more likely to convert into sales/paying customers.

Not only can resources be wasted on unqualified leads, but they can also be wasted on making lead qualification a long and tedious process. Many companies leave lead qualifying to their sales teams, meaning that they must spend hours calling leads which aren’t ready to begin business with their company. Your sales team are specialised individuals; there to make sales to people that are appropriate for your company.

With a team of virtual receptionists manning your website and qualifying your leads, you can focus on converting the right leads to customers. Fully managed chat enables you to respond to leads faster and convert more prospects to customers.

Filtering your leads through a team of virtual receptionists gives you more control over the qualification process.

C4B Connect, Managed Sales Chat.

Whether you are in the care industry or the property sector. At C4B we work with you to develop a custom and bespoke qualification process featuring questions specifically designed to identify the right leads for your business. C4B Connect engages the website visitor within 5 seconds of launching a chat. Our process includes collecting the clients contact information, the nature of their enquiry, and clear details of their preferences or needs.

Once qualified, your sales team are invited to join the chat. This enables your sales team to sell in real time to your prospect whilst they are in ‘buying mode’. Leaving your sales team to do what they do best- selling!

We follow up on all qualified sales leads with a follow up email and chat transcript to ensure you will never miss an opportunity.

Looking to implement chat onto your website but not sure where to start? Launch a chat now to speak with a member of our team or contact us here.

C4B – We Power Chat that Drives Sales