Fully Managed Live Chat

C4B is a sales platform for your website delivered through fully managed chat. We strive to deliver consistent, high quality, and ‘oven ready’ leads straight to your team. The true value of C4B is the ability for your team to join the chat in real time straight from their computer or smart phone.


Our team greet your online visitors and begin engaging with them from the moment they launch their chat. As we use a fully UK based team of receptionists, we are able to provide an outstanding, high quality, and personal service that is designed to be empathetic and helpful.


Every prospect is screened by our team, who follow a stringent qualification process before paging your team. Once qualified, our team will continue to further qualify your prospect using our carefully curated qualification questions or following your own bespoke process.


Once qualified, our receptionists page your team by email or text, prompting them to join the chat, Your team member will be able to preview the conversation before joining, giving them context to the lead and start selling straight to the prospect.

Why C4B?

C4B connect is a powerful communications channel for your website. C4B connect is a fully managed sales chat platform, allowing prospective customers to actively interact with your brand and sales team in real-time directly through your website.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Every online visitor is greeted and engaged within 7 seconds of launching a chat, boosting your customer’s experience

Wrap up emails

Wrap up emails

Transcripts are emailed to both the visitor and your team at the end of every chat, helping your team keep on top of enquires.



Our reporting clients offers you a full overview of all your chats, your chat and team’s statistics, and details of all your leads.

Unbeatable Pricing

C4B offers highly competitive pricing for fully managed chat.

Our prices start at 50p per hour, allowing you to deliver an outstanding customer experience and expand your team at an affordable rate.